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Business Growth Program

Get ready to achieve your business goals.

Get the strategies & support you need to move forward in business

Imagine what you could achieve if you had a dedicated finance professional helping you to identify opportunities and implement strategies to grow your business? With our Business Growth Program, you can take your business to the next level and beyond.

Our experienced financial and business growth specialists will conduct a complete review of your business from the ground up. We’ll identify what’s working and what’s not, and help you to make the necessary changes to streamline your processes and maximise profits. We’ll work with you to create and implement business growth strategies that get tangible results and help you stay on track with regular reviews.

Why choose our Business Growth Program?

Our comprehensive Business Growth Program will help you to:

  1. Reap the rewards for your hard work in the form of profits and growth.
  2. Overcome cashflow challenges and become cashflow positive.
  3. Gain full financial control of your business.

What’s included in the Business Growth Program?

The Business Growth Program includes:

  1. Tax planning to help you maximise tax breaks, minimise taxation and keep your business compliant.
  2. Operational and Financial Business Analysis to help streamline the inner workings of your business.
  3. Financial and KPI reporting to measure growth and ensure compliance.
  4. Business growth advice and support so you can make decisions with confidence.
  5. Budgeting and cash flow management to overcome cash flow challenges and maximise profitability.
  6. Management/performance review meetings to help you stay on track by assessing what’s worked and what hasn’t, identifying challenges and finding ways to overcome them.
  7. Regular profitability analysis to ensure your business is operating efficiently.
  8. Business and growth planning that will see your business thriving.
  9. Working capital improvement to increase your company’s resilience and efficiency.

How the Business Growth Program works

Step 1: One-hour exploratory DISCOVER session

We’ll start by taking stock of where you are at the moment and where you would like to be. To do this, we’ll analyse your business in its current state using the Business Metamorphosis (BM) method.

Questions we’ll be asking in this session include:

  • Describe your business?

    1.  What do you sell and to whom?
    2. How do you structure your services?
    3. What is your role in the business?
    4. What is the focus of your business?
    5. What is the nature of your cash flow?
  • Where is your business now and where do you want it to be?

  • What do you think is missing/broken?

  • What do you need from us right now?

  • Consider the three biggest problems you’re facing in business right now:

    1. What you want and what is preventing you from getting it?
    2. What do you think you need to get your desired results?
    3. What have you tried in the past?

After this session, we’ll be able to tell if we are a good fit for you. If so, we will book another appointment in which we will dive even deeper into the inner workings of your business. We'll look at what’s working and what’s not, the obstacles you’re facing and how to resolve them, and we’ll map out a plan to move forward.

Step 2: Three-hour DIG session

If you are serious about growing your business, and committed to making the changes necessary to get there, the next step is to schedule a deep-dive strategy session. In this session, we’ll explore strategy and work out the next steps for you to take over the following six months. You’ll walk away with a clear action plan, including all the milestones you need to hit in order to achieve your business goals.

Step 3: Fortnightly reviews

We’ll help you to stay on track with fortnightly reviews. At these meetings, we’ll celebrate your successes and discuss any challenges or stumbling blocks you’ve encountered and how to overcome them so that you stay on track and meet your milestones.

Step 4: Monthly one-hour reporting meetings

At our monthly one-hour reporting meetings, we’ll take a look at how your business is going, reviewing what you did well, what you should keep doing, as well as things that did not work and areas for improvement.

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Chat with Chartfords Chartered Accountants today

We’re always keen to chat with business owners looking for help with their business, accounting and compliance processes.
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